Our timely design service, which provides customers with the total solution for their packaging needs - from packaging material analysis, structural and graphic design to product testing and logistic analysis.
Our goal is to capitalize your packaging efficiency and lower your total logistic costs.

Final QC inspection

There are 8 highly experience engineers and employees in the QC department. QC department is working closely with each others, so that they can overcome most of the problems from the entire new product. They understand most of the requirements in a wide product range.

The facilities of this department are as follows:
Sutherland Ink Rub Tester
Partner High-Temperature Tensile Test Facility
Tensile Creep/Stress Rupture and Stress
Relaxation machine
Carton Compression Testing Machine
Carton Bursting Strength Tester
1 Set

1 Set
1 Set
1 Set



We have some highly trained professional who work closely with our QC department to ensure your final products are packed and checked and re-check to meet the highest standard.

Deliver to our customers on time  

All of the goods will be stored after passing the QA inspection. The security will be operating 24 hours to monitor the warehouse and stocking area. We also have forklift truck so that we can loaded up a 40' container within 25 ~30 minutes in general.

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